I’m a software engineer at Disney Streaming working on the Disney+ web main app UI team (MAUI for short). I’m highly focused on accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use, as well as automated testing, creating great living documentation and making the lives of my colleagues easier.

Previously I was at PhotoShelter where I built digitial asset management tools for photographers and brands utilizing Web Components, Redux, jQuery, Webpack, PHP and PostgreSQL.

I studied full stack web development at Flatiron School in New York City where over three intense months I built a number of full stack projects with some incredible people.

Prior to that, I was a professional photographer, focusing on sports, journalism and event photography. I traveled the country as a photography editor for Getty Images, made photos for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and covered professional and major college sports in New York and New Jersey.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn and Mastodon.