Learn mastery of your digital SLR through a series of image recognition exercises

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Picset is an Ember.js application that behaves as a set of flashcards to train users to recognize what effect camera settings like aperture and shutter speed have on photographs. Images are presented with a pair of slider form elements that let users input their perceived settings for that photograph, and upon form submission they are show the true values of the settings pulled from the photos metadata. Picset utilizes a Ruby on Rails API for its persistence layer, connected to the Ember.js application by ActiveRecord Serializers transmitting to Ember’s adapter in JSON API format. User authentication is handled by a custom implementation of Ember Simple Auth on the Ember application, which requests a JSON Web Token (JWT) from the Rails API for additional request authentications.

Technologies Used
  • Ember.js
    • Ember Simple Auth with custom Authorizer to utilize JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authorization with Rails API.
    • Closure Actions for form and login submission to make those submissions context-aware.
  • Ruby on Rails and Rails API Gem.
    • JWT gem to generate JSON Web Tokens used in Authentication.
    • RESTful API setup to hit the correct endpoints from the front end application.
  • Bootstrap
  • Heroku
    • Deployed application to Heroku using Heroku CLI toolbelt.

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