Never miss out on a great lunch again

Social Eats Event Page

SocialEats is a Ruby on Rails 5 application designed to solve the problem of feeling you missed out on a great lunch outing. Our goal was to build a social networking tool that would let a user set up a lunch event and invite their friends, coworkers or classmates. We did this by using Rails 5’s ActionCable to facilitate real-time communication over websockets between users, and ActionMailer to give users the ability to send email invitations to their friends.

Technologies used:
  • Ruby on Rails 5
    • ActionCable for real time communication over over websockets.
    • ActionMailer to email invitations to users for events.
  • JavaScript and jQuery
    • AJAX call to Yelp API occurs asynchronously without reloading the page.
  • OmniAuth
    • Users can use their Facebook account to log in and retrieve their user image.
  • Heroku
    • Deployed application to Heroku using Heroku CLI toolbelt.
  • Bootstrap

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